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The Bleacher People at H&H Enterprises have been inspecting bleachers in school districts, colleges and professional sports venues since 1983. Collectively, our vast experience and expertise has allowed us to know more about what’s on top of and underneath bleachers than just about anyone else.

With over 2500 written reports and nearly 40,000 pictures, most likely, give us the largest database on bleachers of anyone in the world. We know what’s going to go wrong with telescoping and folding bleachers before it happens, how to prevent it, and how to fix it when something does fail.

Our systematic inspection process and extensive research allow us to accurately identify bleacher problems. H&H observes bleachers, records data, and correlates findings on every make of bleacher. The correct diagnosis is made and our service technicians fix the problem. We have made nearly 1,000 bleacher installations better than new.

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