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There comes a time when bleachers need to be replaced. Like almost anything else with all those moving parts they wear out. However, because new bleachers are so expensive it is always wise to compare restoration with replacement.

As you ponder, think about the replacement cost per seat vs. the renovation cost per seat. New bleachers are not going to free you from maintenance and repair. Will the new bleachers wear as well as the old ones?

Consider the "feel" of the old bleachers, especially if they are wooden. Time and again, people comment about the warmth and the comfort of wood. Do you want to replace that with plastic or vinyl?

Remember that much of the damage in many bleacher systems has been caused by abuse. Boards are broken and wall anchors are torn out when excessive force is used and the bleacher sections aren't pulled out correctly.  Often, retrofitting your current bleachers with power and allowing all of the sections to be tied together eliminates much of the damage.