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Bleacher Boards

For safety, beauty, and long lasting service, our skirt and seat boards for wooden bleachers just can't be beat. We custom cut and finish each board to your specification.

No Pinching

Tripping, pinching, and snagging are annoying enough when they come from a third-grader. When initiated by your bleachers those things can cost people injury and you money. At all times, H&H has on hand the proven standard for bleacher board safety. In fact, we have the only boards that meet today’s stringent ICC Standards safety codes. Walk into the cutting and finishing department at H&H and you will find at least 1000 industry standard, southern yellow pine, laminated boards.

Out of the Ordinary

These are not just ordinary boards. They are at the head of their class because before any of our bleacher boards are produced, each piece of raw material is carefully tested and graded to make sure we have only the most suitable lumber. During the initial grading process, a Mechanical Stress Rating machine applies a load to each piece of lumber. Each piece must be of proper stiffness so that the end product will be uniformly designed and predictable in performance.

Handling the Load

A computer (the Metriguard Continuous Lumber Tester) analyzes each piece of wood to guarantee that it will have a low degree of variability and a high degree of reliability. Our kiln-dried Glulam offers a performance capability unmatched by any other wood material. It is superior to sawn wood in virtually all strength characteristics. If you are looking for exceptional stability with virtually no checking, twisting, warping, or shrinkage then this board’s for you. We can provide a board in the size you need and in the color you choose. We will ship them to your door with instructions on how to install them yourself or we can have one of our skilled service crews take care of the installation in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and western Pennsylvania.

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