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If you would like to receive a brochure on our inspection services, and keep your bleachers operating at peak efficiency

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Beyond general preventive maintenance and repair, restoring the old worn wooden bleachers with a new bright look is an option if you’re not quite ready for the cost of new. Let H&H utilize our Restoration techniques to brighten and bring back that wow appeal!

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One of the best improvements you can make on your bleachers is the addition of self-storing rails. These rails automatically open and close with your bleachers and never need set-up. Self-storing rails offer maximum spectator protection, meeting all new safety codes.

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Students, faculty, family and friends can feel safe knowing “The Bleacher People” at H&H Enterprises have inspected and maintained their bleachers.

At one time or another, we have all sat in bleachers from High School to College, professional sports arenas, military and religious institutions to watch someone close to us perform. As fans, we never give a thought to the safety of the bleachers. We’re doing what we came to do – create lasting memories of graduation day, jump from our seat to cheer that winning touchdown, stomp and shout we scored! We won!!

Every public and private institution has an obligation to make sure that their bleachers are inspected and compliant to maintain safety.

H&H Enterprises has been inspecting, repairing and performing maintenance on bleachers throughout the Midwest since 1983. Our work crews have over 45 years combined experience, are well trained and equipped to make certain your bleachers are mechanically sound and code compliant. Entrust H&H to be your Bleacher People.